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Polycarbonate Fitting Accessories
Polycarbonate Fitting Accessories

Polycarbonate Fitting Accessories Manufacturer in India

Polycarbonate Fitting Accessories PDM polycarbonate fitting accessories refer to a range of supplementary components designed to accompany and enhance the utilisation of PDM polycarbonate sheets in various applications. These accessories are specifically tailored to ensure proper installation, structural support, and overall performance of PDM polycarbonate sheets. Common fitting accessories may include F-channels and U-channels aluminium for secure sheet joints, end caps to seal and protect edges, and aluminium profiles for structural framing.

Sealants, tapes, and specialised screws may also be part of these accessories to provide weather-resistant and secure connections. Ventilation accessories, anti-dust tapes, and UV-blocking films cater to specific functional requirements such as airflow management, cleanliness, and UV protection.

The comprehensive range of PDM polycarbonate fitting accessories is designed to optimise the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of installations utilising PDM polycarbonate sheets, ensuring their effectiveness in diverse industrial and construction applications. Accessories available include F-channels and U-channels aluminium, glazing bars, sheet closures, end caps, f-sections, fixing buttons plus adhesive and tape.


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