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Polycarbonate Accessories
Polycarbonate Accessories

Polycarbonate Accessories Manufacturer in India

Polycarbonate Accessories PDM Polycarbonate accessories are additional components and materials designed to complement the use of polycarbonate sheets in various applications. These accessories serve to enhance the functionality, installation, and overall performance of polycarbonate materials. Common accessories include H-channels and U-channels for joining and sealing sheet edges, end caps for providing protective seals, and aluminium profiles or extrusions to create structural frames.

PDM U-shaped polycarbonate panel is an advanced roofing system. It adopts a U-shaped lock structure that is easy to install, and the panel is fixed without nails. Fully considering the thermal expansion coefficient of polycarbonate, the panel can slide at the fixed corner. Free sliding expansion and contraction in the groove, the plate can be freely deformed to eliminate internal stress.

The fixed angle code fixes the U-shaped polycarbonate sheet on the roof purlin, and the connecting buckle and the connecting teeth of the sheet are engaged with each other to achieve a fast and reliable connection. closed system.U-locked polycarbonate panel system is superior glazing roof material with multi-wall, honeycomb, or X-structure for optional. It combines high thermal insulation, lightweight and high impact. Compared with general polycarbonate, it has a superior leak-proof structure, fantastic loads and simple installation.


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