We offer finest polycarbonate sheet in market

About Us

PDM Sourcings provides a carefully selected range of Polycarbonate Sheets and PP sheets among various products range. Several years in the industry has provided us with genuine knowledge that gives us the opportunity to hand pick the best materials tailored to our customer's requests. We constantly strive to offer the best solutions for all market segments through our well known brand Vibrant Sapphire and meet high standards of quality, functionality and durability.

We provide total roofing solution, which includes designing of roofing, supply and installation on site with most modern fixing methods. Flexibility of designs and creativity is used to the fullest when we manufacture FRP sheets in an organsized manner and supplying it directly or through our dealer net work. However, the most important advantage we offer is best after sales service and technical back-up, when ever required.

PDM Sourcings provide following products;
1. Polycarbonate Sheets 
2. Polypropylene Sheets
3. Fiber glass sheets
4. PP + PC Sheets
5. PP Sheets ( AMR)
6. Designing Sheets
7. Window Awnings (Canopy)
Our vision & mission
At PDM sourcings we deliver what we promise, deliver on time and have a quality that is appreciated by the customers. We notice that we are successful when our customers are happy and reclamations are minimum. Our mission is to deliver Polycarbonate Sheet and other products that can be used as an advantage.