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Quality & Technical


Light Transmission

The light transmission is from 40 % to 60 % depending on different color and thickness.

Impact Resistance

A due to its perfect impact resistance properties, the frp sheet is difficult to be broken during transportation and installation it’s impact strength is 10-27 times as much as glass

Easy Installation

Easy installation, and can be bent. The min. bending radius is 175 times as much as the sheet thickness AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Technical Support  of  PDM AND  VIBRANT SAPPHIRE Polycarbonate sheets

1. Light transmission

The following table indicates the detailed value of light transmission. The clear  VIBRANT  SAPPHIRE   PC sheet is featured in good light transmission, which will not lessen varying with service time. The chromatic PC sheet is able to obstruct from the strongest part of sunray and soften the permeated ray.



Ultraviolet Resistance:
The surface of Polycarbonate sheet is treated with special anti-ultrviolet technique to ensure the stability of ultraviolet resistance. The product can preserve its innate optical property and good weather ability after long-time service. No speedy aging can be generated by ultraviolet. As indicated in the following table, ultraviolet within 350-bicron wavelengths can hardly penetrate the sun sheet. As a result, Polycarbonate hollow sheet is more applicable for advertising material other than the general building material.


2. Light weight

The following table indicates the detailed of PDM /  VIBRANT SAPPHIRE  POLYCARBONATE 



3. Shock resistance



4. Inhibiting Condensation



5. Heat and Sound insulation

Heat poof & Cold tolerance
Owing to the hollow structure, the heat-insulated performance of hollow profile far outmatches the one of solid sheet. For example, PC hollow sheet can lower temperature up to 40-50℃ at the same thickness of 6mm. So, insulated unit manufactured using PC hollow sheet may reduce fabrication cost, weight and save maintenance expense.
    Polycarbonate sheet is adaptable to any climate changes in cold or hot weather. Brittleness temperature is -100℃, softening temperature 146℃, allowable temperature under the condition of long-term load bearing is -40℃-120℃, short-term load bearing -100℃-135℃.

Soundproofing properties
      Both PC hollow sheet and solid sheet excel in good soundproof properties, and can be applied in international express highway as soundproof materials. For example, 10mm thick hollow sheet eliminates noise up to 20 decibel; 6mm thick solid sheet does up to 31 decibel.


6. Flame retardancy, flame resistance

      Through testing by National Center For Quality Supervision & Testing of Fire Building Materials, each behavior of the material conforms to the standard of difficult-flammability material. PC sheet is rated Class B1 according to GB8634-1997. Autoignition temperature is 630℃(wood:220℃).Polycarbonate sheet does not help spread the fire under blazing flame and fire automatically goes out when sun sheet is off flame. No dense smoke and toxic gas are produced during burning process.

7. Processibility (Cold bending)

     Polycarbonate sheet can be installed with cold bending mode. Remember that hollow sheet must be installed along the leftwards bending direction. The following table indicates the minimum curvature radius of sun sheet with different thickness.