We offer finest polycarbonate sheet in market


As most of the  plastic materials have relatively low density, means the end products (Plastic Sheets) are lightweight. They also have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties.  They are corrosion resistant to many substances which attack other materials, and are also transparent, making light transmission possible.

Plastic Sheets are more flexible as compared to iron and wooden sheets. Plastic Sheets are price competitive with othermaterials that offer similar advantages in Industrial Application, which is why it is used in a number of applications that you havenot thought of or would even surprise you.

Why Choose Plastic Sheets?

  • Light Weight: When you compare the strength of materials that plastic sheets can replace it is surprisingly lightweight.
  • Strength: We supply plastics sheets such as , Polycarbonate Sheets that are made to withstand hurricane force winds and can even stop a bullet.
  • Size & Shape Flexibility: Different types of plastic sheets can be manufactured to be flexible in different sizes, shapes, and thickness.

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